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Preventative Dentistry in Brooklyn Heights

Preventative dental procedures are the first steps to preserving your smile. At Signature Smile, our experienced dentists provide patients in Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, Cobble Hill, Fort Greene, Carroll Gardens, and all of our other surrounding New York communities with a wide array of preventative dental care options.

For more information on the preventative dental procedures performed at Signature Smile’s Brooklyn Heights office, click on the links below.

slide6Comprehensive Dental Exams

While brushing and flossing are great ways to maintain your smile, it’s very important to see an experienced dentist regularly.

slide6Digital X-Rays

At Signature Smile, it’s our goal to offer the latest and safest in dental technologies to all of our patients. This is why Dr. Trogan uses digital X-rays during examinations.

slide6Teeth Cleaning

Dr. Trogan recommends coming in to our Brooklyn Heights office at least twice a year for standard dental cleanings and checkups.

slide6Oral Cancer Screening

Early detection and management of precancerous lesions are crucial to oral cancer prevention. Dr. Trogan encourages all of our Brooklyn Heights neighbors to ask about oral cancer screenings.

slide6Dental Sealants

Dental sealant is a type of resin material that is applied to chewing surfaces on the back teeth, which are at a higher risk of decay than others. Dr. Trogan recommends sealants to all of our Brooklyn Heights patients, particularly for children.

slide6Mouth Guards

A wise choice for athletes who want protect their smiles during sporting events, Dr. Trogan can custom-fit a mouth guard to a patient’s teeth perfectly. Having a mouth guard fitted by a dentist offers a more comfortable and effective option than the “boil and bite” mouth guards found at the store.

slide6 Fluoride Treatments

Dr. Trogan can provide a significant boost to your teeth’s overall defenses with regular fluoride treatments.